Dr. Z Amps Review

Dr Z amps are world renowned and have been seen in the stage equipment of many high-end professional musicians. The company began its existence in 1988. It was founded by Mike Zaite. This granted the amplifier company its name. Eventually he would work together with Brad Paisley to craft two of the signature amplifier's the Stang Ray and the Prescription. These are among the best known type of Dr.Z amp around.

Dr Z guitar amps are also noted for their wide array of design styles. They are unique creations that do not take the older design schemes of aging amplification units and repackage them like many other companies. Each of their unit models is built from the ground up with their circuitry and tube designs. These styles run the gamut from the simple and understated, to the intensely detailed adjustable amplifiers.

In general Dr. Z amps, such as the Monza or the sweet sound of the Plexi style Remedy, are well received by the guitarists. They are often less than half the price of their nearest level competitors. It has been noted by many of their die-hard supporters that there is no better amp company on the market, there are only different ones.

The only weak point in the design scheme of a Dr.Z amplifiers is the inability for some individuals to choose between them. Each model has a unique selling point that will cause it to be the perfect item for a given guitar player. It does not matter whether the genre of music is jazz, blues, country, rock, or even death metal. These guitar amps provide both the 'thunder' and the 'fury' that many professional and beginning musicians alike enjoy greatly.

Best Dr. Z Guitar Amps

A lot of people will find themselves choosing amps based on their look as opposed to their quality when they first start out in the music business. This is because they have not discovered the difference between various models. One of the best models on the market is Dr.Z Carmen Ghia.

Many people will see this unassuming amplifier and disregard it based solely on its appearance. It is not an ugly amplifier by any means, however it does not have the 'wow factor' that many shinier models seem to posses. What this 18 watt, 1x12, and 2 x 10 combo amp head system has to offer is sound. It provides pure, clean, crisp sound, that few other amplification units can match. No matter what level an individual sets the volume dial at, the sonic experience remains undistorted and immaculate. The only issues that people seem to have with this model are superficial. There are a few individuals that may prefer a little more variety in their amplifier's processes as this model only has volume and tone dials for adjustment purposes.

Dr. Z amplification also provides equipment which has extensive adjustment capacity. One notable model in this regard is the new and improved Maz 38 Sr. This model is one of the most popular on the market and comes complete with wide variety of adjustable options. Alongside the master volume and tone dials this amplifier also comes with the ability to change the sound quality via the treble, bass, cut, and reverb options. This provides an incredible degree of sound adjusting capacity that has to be heard to be believed. The number of knobs on an amplifier do not actually determine its usefulness, however. What determines the usefulness is how well it performs. This Dr.Z amp has the capacity to utilize its innate design scheme to pick up every nuance of a guitar player's style. Most amps fall flat in this regard.

Dr. Z is noted for full featured equipment that works well with a given amplifier system. Dr Z speakers are well received systems as well. Z Best, for instance, is a cab model that utilizes the celestion vintage 30 and G12H30 configurations.

In Summary

There are many reasons that a guitar player might decide to purchase a Dr.Z amp instead of another brand. The look, design scheme, and overall playability factor of these amplifiers cannot be stressed enough. Even their lowest end models are far beyond the ordinary amp system on the market. Feedback is kept to a minimum. The controls are intuitive, sensitive, and easy to use.

Unlike some systems, Dr Z amps do not lose their playability rapidly with long hours of practice. Their guitar amps are durable, have a great level of power output, and can easily be upgraded with after market parts such as an attenuator.

Some of their amplifiers will even come with built-in attenuators and similar items, but it can be quite a useful learning experience to upgrade the equipment slowly over time as a guitar players skills also increase.

There are many reasons why Dr. Z amplifiers are considered one of the top, if not the top, brands in the world. Between their unique designs and reasonable cost they blow the competition away with their righteous sound.

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