Digital Sound Music Production Guide
Guitar Amps, Piano Keyboard Reviews & More

Welcome to! Here you will find guitar amplifier, digital piano reviews along buying guides on many electronic sound production studio equipment. From mini amp to digital bass amps, we cover all the mainstream brand names like: Yamaha, Suzuki, Line6, Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Behringher,  Vox and more.

Being a musician, for most newcomers, it can be very challenging task to find good quality music instruments, especially when you are on a tight budget. Whether you need help on choosing the right electric guitar amp or piano keyboards for your first concert, or perhaps, you already know quite a lot about these digital sound gadgets, we can help you make an informed purchase decision and get the best deal out of your hard earned money.

Musical Instruments Buying Guides

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Popular Guitar Amp Brands

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How to Choose Electric Guitar Amps

The first step to choosing a suitable guitar amp, is to know your personal music style. Are you into Rock 'n' Roll and Pop like The Beatles? Acoustic Country style like Taylor Swift? Celtic and New World like Enya? Contemporary instrumental and New age like Yanni? or Punk Rock like Green Day?

Each style of playing will require different electronic effects, level of outputs, volume control, wattage power consumption, system or recording channels and modes.

Next, figure how many watt amps do you need? Are you planning to plug the device to amplify the sound for your whole band, or just for one or two single instruments, like guitar, drum or percussions? If so you might as well buy mini amps to save on money.

Then determine your sound quality requirements. For studio & practice, an averagely priced tube guitar amplifier might be enough. But for truly pure and clear music quality, free of any background noise, you should consider the top of the line hand-wired tube Dr Z amplifiers. This line of professional guitar amplifiers offer extremely loud and ferocious sound bytes for even the most assaulting and Plexi style Hard Metal Rock Star concerts, while building great sounding crystal clear notes and bomb-shell beats without any distortion.

In case you need more food for your music, try some of the Fender bass amps to boost the power of your high voltage Rock & Roll.

And that's not all, our consumer guide will cover many more related accessories, like, guitar tube amp kits, stands, amp connector, crossover, hearing, RF amplifier and other parts for a your full and complete musical boost shopping experience.

Apart from stage music devices, you will also find reviews on some sound electronics for home and on the road use, like car stereo amps and more.

Extra Equipment for Frequent Travels

Are you one of those who loves to party with your band and prefer the freedom of life off the grid? Then you will obviously have to find some good electric portable generators to power amplifiers and audio equipment. Though we don't cover these extra power tools, you can find many online reviews on the topic. The only piece of suggestion we have, is opt for green and clean energy sources, like wind or solar types. They might not be as powerful and robust as diesel types, you will be glad no having to deal with toxic gases that are products of burning diesel, which will ruin your whole concert, and their unpleasant smell will make you have headaches while on the bus.

Portable speakers are also great to add to your guitar amplifier package. Of course, don't spend a fortune on really expensive speakers, just something light, easy to move around and of good tone quality is enough.